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Franky Fade

By Franky Fade
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The Love

Billy Ray Cyrus, Bobby Ross Avila

The Journey

Franky Fade is a recording artist & writer-producer creating pop song lyric & composition for upcoming & past releases with Billy Ray Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, Latoiya Williams, Shontelle, Scoop Deville, and more.

In the home environment Franky grew up in, there was no such thing as Music Television, BET, and not much popular hip hop & R&B music allowed to be enjoyed. Nevertheless, he still found his ways around that. From smuggling an am/fm cassette recorders under his bed from elementary school, to secretly booking gigs around Los Angeles to show his music productions, Franky was conditioned to be a fighter for his passion to pursue a life that he wanted for himself, through opposition.

Coming into the new decade of 2020, Franky now has behind him experience performing his music across the world, being instrumental in the signing of a major artist record deal by one of the most elite music executives - L.A Reid, and collaborating with his heroes, some of the most elite Record Producers the music industry has seen. This is all part of Franky's story that is ever-evolving and bringing more challenges and victories, as it is time that he shares his own voice.

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Franky Fade - Work it

The Collaborations

Some friends Franky writes music with...
Billy Ray Cyrus
Snoop Dogg
Aly Ryan
Angel Taylor

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